Fred Perry Ladies T-Shirt Embroidered Navy

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Ladies T-Shirt Embroidered Navy

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Material: 100% Baumwolle

Unser Model ist ca. 175cm groß und trägt Größe 10

Schnitt: Ladies
Textilien: T-Shirts
Farbe: blau
Größe: 10
Artikelgewicht: 0,15 Kg

To find your correct size, simply take your measurements and use the tables below as a guide. These measurements refer to your body's size - clothing measurements will vary due to style and desired fit, but have been designed to fit the body size indicated on the chart.

Bust (inches)31,53334,53638,540
Bust (cm)8084889298104
Waist (inches)24,52627,52931,534
Waist (cm)626670748086
Low Hip (inches)3435,53738,54143
Low Hip (cm)86909498104110

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