Fred Perry Kids Trackjacket Laurel Taped Carbon Blue

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Kids Trackjacket Laurel Taped Carbon Blue



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Material: 54% Polyester, 46% Baumwolle

Textilien: Trainingsjacken
Farbe: blau
Artikelgewicht: 0,30 Kg

To find the correct size, take the childs measurements as shown in the diagram and use the table below as a guide. These numbers are based on body measurements - clothing measurements will vary due to style and desired fit, but have been designed to fit the body size indicated on the chart. Remember, with childrens sizes you may wish to purchase a size up to allow for growth.

Height (cm)8098101110116122125
Height (inches)31.538.54143.2545.754850,5
Chest (cm)47545759616366
Chest (inches)18.521.2522.523.252424.7526
Waist (cm) 5253.55556.55859
Waist (inches) 20.52121.7522.5022.7523.25
Hip (cm) 586062656870
Hip (inches) 22.7523.524.525.526.7528

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